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Chaga + Mumijo

Wild crafted medicinal offerings harvested from the Altai region in Siberia. If you're unfamiliar with the medicinal benefits of Chaga or Mumijo, download this brochure to get the full details including harvest info. 

This is a very custom product which comes from another supplier, Bear Medicine, in Europe.  My art is featured on the labels and I personally use the products.  I stand by them as authentic and quality.  One jar can last many months because of the small dose amount. 

Chaga - 100 gram jar ~ $70 US + shipping

Chaga + Mumijo 80 gram jar ~ $80 US + shipping

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This is a custom product with limited quantities, shipping from Europe ~ if you would like to order, please fill out this form first with your address and you will get a reply with an invoice within one week.  

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chaga stone



Altai Mountains - harvest region 

Altai Mountain




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