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These are some frequently asked questions. If you don't find your answer here, please use the contact page to send in your question.

What is your return/refund policy?
I like to make things easy for you in this regard. If product arrives damaged, missing or wrong items, please contact me for an exchange, credit or refund.  Proof of damage with photo will be required.  This is a case by case scenario. Please contact us for further arrangements.Free return shipping available in North America upon request. 
If you're dissatisfied with your product at anytime, please contact me to arrange for a possible refund or exchange.   More detailed info here

Are your products made with ethical environmental and fair wage practices?
Yes, when I can. Ethically sourced products are very important to me. I research all my products and make the best choice that I can for now to make sure that I have minimal environmental impact and that garments aren’t made in sweatshops.  When possible some products are purchased from manufactures that use:   W.R.A.P certified, CPSIA compliant and follow the FairWear Foundation Code of Conduct.  I also donate money and items regularly to various environmental protection groups, among other charities. 

What shipping options do you offer?

Typically items mailed within Canada and the USA using Standard or Expedited Shipping will arrive to you within 3 to 10 days of your order. I can offer anything up to Priority 1 or 2 day shipping for areas within Canada and the USA.  Most shipping options except “Small-Packet Air” are insured and have tracking.  Shipping outside of these countries can be more expensive.  If you’re having difficulty selecting an option, let me know and we can sort something out to best fit your needs.  
In any case if you use “Small-Packet Air or Surface” your item WILL NOT be insured or tracked. "Surface" can take up to 84 days.  You need to choose another shipping method of you want tracking and insurance.

For more info on shipping options go here 

My item hasn’t arrived yet, how do I find the tracking info?

You should have received an email with a tracking number. If you can’t find that, please email us with your name and if possible order number and we can help you find it.  If you use “Small-Packet Air” your item WILL NOT be insured or tracked.  You need to choose another shipping method of you want tracking and insurance. 

Are the blankets and tapestries machine washable?

Yes. Each have washing instructions on the label attached to the product.

Why is the checkout price different than the cart?

Items listed on the website are set to a default of $CAD unless you switch to your countries currency.  This can create a discrepancy at checkout, but not to worry, as whatever payment method you use will convert it from $CAD to your currencies exchange rate for that time.  At checkout you'll notice that it says CAD beside the total, you can go back to the cart to see what it will be in your countries currency. Or go to XE.  

How do I display my art?

Canvas prints unless marked as “roll” come ready to hang. You can frame them if you want. Most of the paper prints are set to match standard frame sizes to make it easy for you to get a frame.  Custom frames are more expensive, but often do look better.

Where is my Wishlist?

Wishlist is located under the SHOP menu at the bottom of the list.