Boughs of Gold NFT and Forest Fundraiser

Art Fundraiser: Up to four winners will receive an 18"x24" Limited Edition Canvas Print of this image, valued at $350CAD each. *

Each entry costs $5 with 100% donated to Fairy-creek blockade fundraiser

Select 'Draw Entry' under Materials dropdown to enter. 

Draw will be on April 29th.  

 Winners will receive email notification.

NFT & Charity: (view NFT preview here) Inspired by the ancient Redwoods in California, Boughs of Gold is one of my first digital paintings, from 2008. Now made into a dynamic NFT-art collectible, with my music and signature meditative animation style that plays in a seamless loop. Limited Edition of 8. 10% of all purchases of this NFT will be donated to the Vancouver Island Wilderness Committee.

These NFTs will be minted using the Tezos blockchain, which uses around 99% less energy than other more controversial and energy-intensive blockchains such as ETH.

Extra NFT content includes: 

  • A 4K and HD video file of the NFT
  • 15% discount on my online shop
  • Free download of my ambient album Quartz Lake

How to purchase this NFT:

You can purchase on this website using Credit Card. Or, if you want to use cryptocurrency there are Coinbase and BitBuy options at the checkout, or email me for another option.  Select NFT from Materials dropdown menu above. 

Since this is minted on the Tezos blockchain you will need a Tezos accessible wallet, such as Temple Wallet, and the NFT will be dropped into your wallet. You can include your wallet address in the notes at checkout or I will request it via email after your purchase. You don't need to own Tezos to receive this item. 

or purchase directly with Tezos from my profile on Kalamint


Why NFT art?

I've been making animations of my artworks for fifteen years and this is a new way that they can have value and presence in the world. The extra multimedia layers are meant to add to the expression and bring a unique quality to the NFT as a rare collectible item. It can be a meditative piece of motion art in your home. When purchasing this art, you are investing in these environmental stewardship initiatives, Tezos as an eco-friendly blockchain, the evolution of my art, multimedia digital art as a whole, as well as obtaining a digital rarity that, should you want, can be eventually resold in an expanding secondary marketplace.


How to display this NFT art?

This NFT comes with a downloadable video file that you can use to display on a digital canvas, your TV, any digital screen that you can access the video file from. On the purchase page, you can upgrade your purchase to include an  Infinite Object bamboo frame, or order your own after.


No Refunds on these items

*1 canvas drawn per 25 entries up to 4 canvas prints total