Antidote Album Art & Music

In these potent times of transformation, it may take a bit of assistance...a remedy to counteract and soothe the poison of everyday.

Born of an ancient tune, layered in time is "Antidote" YAIMA's third full album.

"We have carefully chosen the element of ( ( ( Fire ) ) ) to rekindle the spark of inspiration and new growth, the idea of transmutation and the power of transformation. Through encouragement and nourishment from our community these new songs ignited into existence. The lessons are written in the turning flames, rising smoke, by the warmth of the Earth's Heart" ~ Yaima


"This album is equally as beautiful as all of their past work and does wonders for my peace of mind." 

"This album gets my soul inspired and ready to do good work in the world.. Thanks Yaima!!!"

"Beautiful vocals and grooves. Trance inducing and must-dance tracks"

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