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This page exhibits some of my motion graphics and related art, including music videos, client logo-motion, and time-lapse paintings.  

My other motion work includes a series of animated paintings that I call Pulse-art, which you can view here

Calling The Others. Visuals by: Simon Haiduk | Music by:  Anilah
A companion video to the song "Calling The Others" by Anilah. Including motion graphics and artwork by Simon Haiduk, as well as an art feature by David Heskin
True Light of Darkness - Book Trailer for James Jesso . Music and motion graphics by Simon  Haiduk.
Anilah - logo motion . Visuals and Music by Simon Haiduk
The Bloom - logo-motion Visuals and Music by Simon Haiduk
Cosmic Rehab - Intro Title to film about Qi Gong.
Nagdeo a student project music video from my time at VFS in 2007.  Music by Anilah