Metta Grove


- Nov 25, 2023, Cumberland, BC - TICKETS

- Nov. 26, 2023, Powell River, BC - TICKETS

- Dec. 2, 2023, Salt Spring Island, BC - TICKETS

- Dec. 16, 2023, Roberts Creek, BC - TICKETS


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Metta Grove is a cinematic visionary art concert with roots in guided meditation, psychedelic experience, and community connections.


Metta - derived from the Pali language, an ancient tongue composed of Buddhist scriptures. The following can be attributed; loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, non-violence, and an active interest in others. 

Grove - a small wood, orchard, or group of trees.


Simon Haiduk is a multimedia artist working with several visual art and sonic mediums with themes that have an emphasis on nature and metaphysical energy. With over fifteen years of thematic creativity, he has found a synthesis of his expressions, fusing them into a cinematic audiovisual concert. 

This concert features stunning visuals of Simon’s digital paintings transformed into animations.  These animations are woven with layers of light and sound in a live performance, generating a unique synchronous expression.  The soundtrack is a dynamic range of Simon's ambient music, with heartwarming melodies, and pulsing rhythms from other world-class musicians with whom he has collaborated.  

Metta Grove is a meditation on our intrinsic connection to nature and the foundations of this reality as light and sound.

The guided journey is tailored to help you find inner peace, and connect with the natural world around you. Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, you'll find something of value at this concert.

It is intentionally designed for presentation in group settings to feel a sense of unity and connection with others.  These settings might include ceremonial, plant medicine or meditative spaces though it is also suitable for any media viewing container and appropriate for almost all ages. 


For the live settings, Simon will give a presentation with insights about his creative inspiration, tools, process and integration of plant medicines. His partner, Jane Calm, therapeutic counselor, will give a presentation on everyone’s access to inherited psychic abilities.


The typical event with presentations, intermission, and cinematic concert is is around 2hrs in duration. 


The next concert features music by:

Simon Haiduk  :  Yaima  :  Desert Dwellers  :  Kisnou  :  Equanimous  :  Activation  :  We Saw Lions  :  Evan Fraser  :  Vir McCoySoriahAnilah  :  Liquid Bloom  : Sophia Ocean : Natalie Lain

With meditations by : Jane Calm

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More reference videos:


Live Concert Highlight Reel  |  Metta Grove Trailer 1 |  Metta Grove Trailer 2  |  Reel |  Mettamorph Demo Reel   |   Other Videos




“Inspired emotions of connection & pure raw love. A radiant joy” - Camara Cassin


“Metta Grove was a powerful and mesmerizing event that skillfully combined the sharing of visionary ideas with the immersive experience of Simon Haiduk’s gorgeous music-accompanied digital animations.”  - “Stephen Gray, editor/contributor, How Psychedelics Can Help Save the World: Visionary and Indigenous Voices Speak Out.

"Loved my time at Metta Grove with Simon Haiduk and Jane Calm A transformative quest, A visionary journey of remembrance, Remembering wisdom of the ancestors, and the deep teachings of nature. Remembering transmissions from our higher selves, and our future selves. Inspiring, uplifting and guiding." - Delvin Solkisin, Chapel of Sacred Mirrors Journal

"I worked in Science Centre in Edmonton for 10 years, I've seen and been part of the production of my fair share of multimedia presentations. I've never seen such intricate visualizations as I saw at Metta Grove. Bravo, indeed!"
- Brian Chu


"I want to thank you for the deepest place in my soul for last night. I had such a healing experience. I was moved and continue to be this morning. I am an artist too, and I am inspired by you and your expressions. I believe in your message. Thank you (and lovely Jane) for so generously sharing with us. I could feel the healing in the audience last was palpable." Carmella Lesiuk 


Thank you for the Metta Grove experience!  What you artistically demonstrated was truly masterful, I was in a state of awe throughout the show.  Felt like a guided meditation through an energy of unconditional love and understanding. - Taylor Aucoin - Agora Marketplace


"I loved experiencing Meta Grove! It was a visually meditative, fluid, flowing , artistic, light journey weaving nature and colorful energies with a spectacular, sweet soundscape...A glimpse into expanded perception reminiscent of a beautiful, psychedelic interaction. Simon's deep connection to life's connection is beautifully expressed. I also really loved Jane's sharing of connecting to our guides." - Zyla Lily Waters


"Extremely beautiful and profoundly moving. This performance took me to some deep places inside, while at the same time I was riveted by the visuals. A great example of the potential of Art." - Aaron Banfield

"It was an amazing concert and such a transformational experience!" - Kristal Armstrong

"Wow! That was incredible! Thanks, you two! Jane's intro was very edu-taining, and her gift was well received 😉 Simon's whole show was incredible! I found myself going to Soo many places and closing my eyes in meditation, only to open them to those mind blowing beautiful animations of auras and animals and pulsing expanding Nature...Truly blessed to have experienced this! Thank you, from the deepest parts of my DNA! 💗🍄☀️💫" - Lisa Archibald


"Absolutely incredible show, your visuals brought me back home to myself!!! 🙏❤️🌿 Thank you for your work!" - Haley Jane


“An awe inspiring achievement” - Dr. Joel


“Simon's show was a remarkable representation of many deeply personal journeys into a realm of spirit connection, journeys that we are usually not so able to share with so many others around us, and when we do share it, it creates a very powerful sense of community.”  -Alon Gelcer


"An awe inspiring synergy of art and music that guides you on an epic journey." - Eli Mead


"Beautiful. Magical. . Moving. Connection to nature, spirit and the universe." - Laurita Roberts


"Simon’s audio/visual presentation was a magical journey intertwining enchanting sounds with amazing artwork." - Tina Seigler 


"you and Jane left me amazed. Finally I felt I was on the same wavelength of everyone around me. Really hope the dome experience will happen soon. You guys are amazing and so real. I loved it. I'm so thankful for humans like you who can express into words and into art what I can't even say with words. All the best." - Marta Zampieri



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Join the Metta Grove email list - so you can be notified of future Metta Grove events and get first access to Early Bird tickets or other special offers. 

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