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Metta Grove Experience


Metta Grove
is a multimedia art experience and community gathering. Our intention is to unite live performance, and community connection within a devotional meditative atmosphere.

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Metta - derived from the Pali language, an ancient tongue in which Buddhist scriptures were composed. The following can be attributed; loving-kindness, friendliness, goodwill, benevolence, fellowship, non-violence, and an active interest in others. 

Grove - a small wood, orchard, or group of trees.

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Simon Haiduk is a multimedia artist working with painting, music, and animation. His themes often have an emphasis on nature and metaphysical energy.  After many years of exploration, Simon has found a synthesis of these creative mediums, fusing them into a mesmerizing audio-visual performance.

“I'm curious about our psychic connection to nature and the interconnected source of all life. My art is an ongoing experiment of investigating and expressing those energies.”

The show features stunning visuals of Simon’s original artworks transformed into animations. These animations are remixed live, interacting with luminous textures of light and sound. Many layers provide for a unique expression each time as though each painting is being re-created and brought to life. The music is an evolving sound-scape of Simon’s own ambient creations, flowing into heartwarming melodies and pulsing rhythms from other collaborative musicians such as Yaima and Anilah.

Simon will open with insights into his creative process, and his multifaceted sources of inspiration. This includes discussion around the use of entheogens, experiential science, plasma physics, our intrinsic connection to nature, and more.

His partner Jane, who is a registered therapeutic will share insights into body-mind connections, community and our relationship with plants.  Together they will lead a brief guided meditation to align the group energy and create an intentional container.

We aim to have each event be unique in collaboration with local artists, musicians and facilitators of various intentional practices.


Video Examples:

Promo Video 1  |   Promo Video 2   |   Demo Video 1   |   Demo Video 2  |   Other Videos



“Inspired emotions of connection & pure raw love. A radiant joy” - Camara Cassin

"Extremely beautiful and profoundly moving. This performance took me to some deep places inside, while at the same time I was riveted by the visuals. A great example of the potential of Art." - Aaron Banfield

“An awe inspiring achievement” - Dr. Joel

“Simon's show was a remarkable representation of many deeply personal journeys into a realm of spirit connection, journeys that we are usually not so able to share with so many others around us, and when we do share it, it creates a very powerful sense of community.”  -Alon Gelcer

An awe inspiring synergy of art and music that guides you on an epic journey. - Eli Mead

Beautiful. Magical. . Moving. Connection to nature, spirit and the universe. - Laurita Roberts

Simon’s audio/visual presentation was a magical journey intertwining enchanting sounds with amazing artwork. - Tina Seigler 




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