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Nothing Short of Magic >> "I cannot thank you enough for this tapestry! I am literally head over heels for it. Every morning I have the privilege of waking up to this exquisitely detailed piece, and I notice more and more about it every day. It brings such warmth to my space. The colors are absolutely breathtaking. Shipping was wicked fast and Simon was so kind and personal when my email account wasn't syncing up to the emails from the site. Simon, you are truly one of the most talented artists I have ever come across. Every one of your pieces captures a moment that is nearly impossible to not fall into, and I have been enlightened simply by appreciating your work. I will definitely be a life long customer, no doubt about it. THANK YOU!!!"  - Lindsay W.


"When I first saw OvO it instantly calmed me. It sends me in such a deep energy of peace and wonder and gave me a break from my mind. I wanted it in tapestry for this exact wall in my bedroom so I can look up and wander off in blissful emotion rather than the torments of my thinking mind. Thank you for this. ❤"  - Amy Nicholson