Consulting Services

I get a lot of requests about the creation of my art, and the business of selling art.

My time is my most valuable asset, which is one of the main things I've learned.

Here I offer my 15+ years of art business experience to you, with 1 on 1 video chat consultations, or a written document responding to your specific questions.

I will typically answer emails that are brief for free, however, any kind of detail that requires my time and focus away from my own art creation and business has a price.

I'm happy to help. I know how frustrating it can be at times to feel like you're starting from scratch.  Especially with so many options these days. 

Consulting can include:

  • Info request about printing services
  • Feedback on your own art
  • Feedback about your website or other aspects of your business
  • Help with how to organize your business or life around your art
  • Equipment or Tools of the trade
  • Or anything you think I might be able to answer which could help you